Privacy Policy

In order for the competition to operate we (the organisers of the Higher Education Cyber Challenge, also known has HECC) require the storage of some personal data. This page will outline what we collect, what we will use that data for, and who it will be shared with.

TL;DR: We collect a few details such as your name, email, the Institution you are studying at and dietary requirements in order for you to compete in the competition. We only collect data expressly given by participants, and we will not share it with any 3rd parties outside of the competition organisers and Southampton University. We may share some information with sponsors, but currently there are no plans to do this unless there is demand from the participants.

How do we collect data?

  1. Initial Team Submission: During the initial application, participants complete a registration form which is hosted by Google Forms. This asks for initial details so we can calculate the number of teams, create name badges, keep you up to date with pre-event information and organise the infrastructure & hospitality required. We collect: Participant Institution affiliation, availability for the competition date, name, email address, team name and consent for use of data collected.
  2. Email Usage: After the initial registration, we will send minimal email communications for the purposes of, but not limited to; final details about your team, dietary requirements and pre-event updates such as travel information or challenges.
  3. Network Monitoring: During the competition, the competition network and infrastructure will be monitored. Challenge hosts will log details of actions taken on and against them, and statistics about each team's use of the network will be collected. This data will be used to verify scoring and enforce competition rules, including prevention of illegal activities.

Data Storage

Data will be stored in several places. This includes:

Who will have access to this data?