An annual national cyber-security competition run by the
University of Southampton for UK universities.

Supported in 2019 by DSTL, Roke, NCCGroup and Palo Alto Networks.

The Higher Education Cyber Challenge (HECC) is a national cyber security competition for UK universities. Our competition was founded by a group of alumni at the University of Southampton with expertise in black-hat hacking and digital security.

HECC 2019 saw over 100 students from 14 universities across the UK battle against the clock to exploit a diverse range of cyber security challenges and complex puzzles. Inspired by real cyber attacks, our challenges include both software and hardware vulnerabilities designed to stretch the abilities of those competing.

The event also serves as a place where our competitors can connect with industry professionals, forging relationships beneficial to both parties in the future.


HECC is traditionally held in the South of the UK, with previous events taking place in Southampton.

For updates about HECC, follow us on Twitter @hecctf

HECC 2020

Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances, HECC will not be returning in 2020.

We hope to bring HECC back in the future, so stay tuned for more news towards the end of the year.

HECC 2019

Thanks to everyone who came along, we hope everyone had great fun and learned something!

See the team and individual scores.